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We are an advisory group specialised in estate planning and mortgage management. We provide advice and guidance on real estate planning, equity release and all matters that involve finances and real estate property. Our legal department is trained to guide you through the legalities of purchase, sale and loans, and our financial department will help you decide the best planning for your real estate transactions.

We know how hard it is for a person or family nowadays to find and purchase a property. Prices have gone high and the legal formalities of buying and selling, besides all complications that mortgages involve, are enough to disencourage more than one potential buyer. But don't let this panorama bring you down. You are not alone in this. Let us do what we love to do the most: put all of our experience and knowledge at your service, so you can find and acquire that special place that will be your home from now on.

Get the home of your dreams with the help of our advisory team  

Bring your case to us and we will research the market for the latest offerings in mortgages and real estate financing. We will show you our strategic schemes and top tips for the best estate planning. We will help you compare the market rates and interest rates of all mortage offerings and show you your finance choices with fully explained details on each one of your possibilities, so you can make your choice. We will be with you in each step of the process so you can be sure that the decisions that you make will be the best for your and your family.  

 We have an entire department dedicated to equity release advisory. Find out about the best way of releasing the equity out of your property. 

Get in touch with our equity release advisory team. We will appraise your property and show you different options for equity release offered by several trusted agents of the market. Avoid scams with our Lender Trust Listings, where we punctuate the trustworthiness of equity release lenders derived from their actual performance in the field of finances and the satisfaction rate of their clients. 

 Our advisors will help you develop an Estate Financial Planning Scheme (EFPS) which will state the steps to follow in your mortgage management for the next years. Along with us, you will build a rational, assessed, optimized EFPS with no surprises. We will explain to you all that you need to know, so you can conciously and deliberately choose the option that best suits your needs. You will be able to foresee your financial estate situation during the whole process. We will be by your side when you make the final dealings and sign the papers.   

If you would like to receive further information about our services and specialised teams, don't hesitate to contact us on our phone or via the contact form displayed on this page. We will be glad to work for you.


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